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Paris Classic
Bread Knife, Nitrox Steel, 59 HRC, Blade 21 cm - 8 1/4”

The Paris Classic Bread Knife from Peugeot delivers enhanced cutting power and a hard-wearing cutting edge to turn all breads into thick or thin slices.
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Cutting made easy

With a 21 cm blade, this bread knife easily cuts through all breads, small or large, with the ultimate in precision. The serrated blade slices through fluffy white loaves with ease, while effortlessly and cleanly carving through compact and dense bread. Designed for masterchefs and amateurs alike, the Paris Classic bread knife contains a distinctive forged bolster and an audaciously sleek and ergonomic handle. The full-tang blade on this knife is engineered from an exclusive steel construction with an unprecedented chrome content of 16% to guarantee superior resistance to corrosion.