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Manual coffee mill, grey wood, 21 cm

Peugeot Cottage coffee mill, in its grey finish, was designed as a tribute to the crank mills of our grandmothers. Revisited in an ultra contemporary color, its design echoes the first coffee grinder Peugeot created in 1840.
Grinding system
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A powerful and generous silhouette for great ease of use

When you use the grey Cottage coffee mill at home, you will be able to replicate the action of the traditional Peugeot coffee mill with a handle. Inspired by the first coffee mill of the brand, created in 1840, the Cottage mill has been revisited in a stylish, contemporary colour, reminiscent of British deco style, cosy and welcoming. The traditionally-shaped control screw allows you to set the coarseness. The Cottage coffee grinding mechanism comes with a lifetime guarantee.